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Cost Effective. Tailored.

We offer long-term monitoring or short-term ‘snap shots’ to aid in the assessment of the structural health of your building.

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Windtech BMS performs a complete range of structural monitoring damper design services on buildings, bridges and other structures. Using the latest in sensor technology, Windtech BMS enables the analysis and management of the dynamic response of structures through damper design and commissioning, long term monitoring of completed structures, short term monitoring to provide a structural health ‘snap shot’, and spot measurements during the construction phase. These services have grown out of Windtech's 30 years' of experience in wind engineering.

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"Windtech was a very valuable partner in the engineering for The Independent.  They were very willing to think outside the box and arrive at cost effective engineering solutions that have minimal impacts to the architecture. This included running scale models to convert the fire suppression water storage tank to a tuned sloshing damper."

Roger Heeringa, Principal, DCI Engineers

"Windtech provided a proactive and professional service, designing and commissioning a long-term monitoring system for the Gama Tower Project. Their specialized knowledge, and their local and global experience were beneficial in achieving improved outcomes for the project. We recommend Windtech to clients seeking similar services and expertise."

Marten Eddy, Director, Taylor Thomson Whitting

"As an owner who self-performs their own construction the contributions from Windtech helped to provide immediate and lasting impacts to our design process, code compliance and buy out work. We have and continue to enjoy working with the team at Windtech and have found their work to be of great value to many projects we have worked together on." 

Mark Dwyer, Executive Manager of Design and Construction, Two Trees Development

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